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Our extensive experience and state of the art olive mills guarantee the highest and finest quality! We produce extra virgin olive oil with the method, 'cold-pressing', from olives which are grown in mountainous areas in Southern Crete.    Evripidis S.A. more


Extra virgin olive oil!

The product Manoli is a light and sweet extra virgin olive oil, rich in vitamins A and E, without cholesterol. Enjoy it daily in your salads as well as with your food. It is ideal for frying, since it does not lose its precious ingredients in high temperatures (200o C).


Olive variety: Koroneiki
Harvest period: mid November- mid February
Acidity: 0,30% - 0,60% max

Area: Southern Crete, region of Heraklion, Valley of Messara





Princess of Crete BioEnjoy our Biological products!

The Princess of Crete is a biological extra virgin olive oil, without chemical substances.

Manoli FlavoursAromatic extra virgin

Following its processing in accordance with our specifications, the extra virgin olive oil is enhanced with the aroma and flavour..

Manoli Balsamic Vinegar

From the juice of fine Greek grapes, we have created the most tasty touch for your table.